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Carl Chinoy: 


Chief Information Officer  | Global Technology Executive  | CTO

Digital Transformation,  SaaS, Cloud, DevOps, Disruption/Innovation



Does your organization have any of these problems?

  • Poor IT and Operational Services rendered by Service Provider

  • Too many IT services providers and not enough value delivered

  • Staff Augmentation resources that are out of control

  • Moved to the cloud, but got no real value from this strategy

  • CEO is asking for Cost Optimization and Opex Cost reduction (IT Cost to Business is out of control)

  • Very poor contracts with no guarantees


Summary of What I do


A results-oriented executive with a strong focus on driving revenue growth, fostering innovation, and prioritizing customer-centric approaches. Leverages the potential of information technology and operational strategies as catalysts for growth. A forward-thinking visionary who has successfully led transformative initiatives across diverse industries such as Gaming and Hospitality,  Financial Services, EdTech, and Food and Beverage.

Possesses rare and comprehensive 360-degree technology experience, having served as a CIO and operations executive, provided consulting and advisory services, and worked as an external services provider to IT organizations. This unique perspective allows for a well-rounded and strategic approach to solving complex challenges and driving successful business outcomes.


  • Partnering with Business Leaders to gain Market-Share and Net New Revenue

  • Leading Managed IT Services Operations and negotiating complex multi-year contracts

  • Robotics, Automation, Cloud Migration, Cost Optimization, and Digital Transformations

  • Experienced at encouraging innovations and developing operational excellence while operating in a culturally diverse, global environment 

  • Experienced in corporate turnaround, consolidations, and cost optimization initiatives

Video Blog

Video Blog: Outsourcing and Global Sourcing

Professional Experience
Technology at School


Led the migration to Managed Services operations with multiple services providers.  The IT organization achieved ~$85M in operational savings over 2 years.  


  • Designed and executed a transformation roadmap focusing on rearchitecting legacy products and services, introducing new web services and products, and enhancing IT Operations productivity by ~48%. 

  • VP of Platform Development with a 250-person Platform Development organization responsible for all products and web services. 

  • Led the initiative to move all IT Operation functions to service providers, to gain outcome-based operational services, which are scalable, and efficient, with continuous service improvements.

What People Say about me

"Carl is one of the few CIOs who works with a very clear vision and mission on what he wants the technology organization to look like in the future....Carl not only lead the initiative to integrate multiple acquisitions but also was instrumental in leading the effort to increase IT organizational efficiency year over year. His leadership style is to empower his team and then hold them accountable for the achievements....Carl truly believes and lives by “work hard and play harder” mantra." 


VP Software Development 

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